Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 26

(Burgos) (Letter) March 16, 1962

“The things the soldier from Garabandal told me, above all the sacrifices that the girls make, going all winter to pray the rosary at five in the morning, and that one day after Loli, Conchita, and Jacinta had an ecstasy at 5 in the morning they told their parents that the Virgin had told them to go to a feast that was being celebrated in a Hermitage, a six hour walk each way through the mountains. Their mothers did not let them go, but when the girls insisted, crying, their mothers consented and when they arrived there at 11 in the morning they heard Mass and returned, reaching the village at 6 in the afternoon. Mari Cruz, to whom the Virgin appears the least, went and returned with bare feet even though the people who accompanied her said to wear shoes since the roads were so bad. The girls continued to walk with bare feet until they reached Garabandal, where the four girls fell into ecstasy.

“The Prior of Carmel is the most excited. He told me the other day that he happened to find a book about the apparitions of Fatima and he said that in the last apparition that the Virgin appeared to the children she wore a white dress and a blue mantle, and that it coincided with the details that the girls from Garabandal gave about the Virgin.”