Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 14

Narration of Mr. Luís Toribio Millan

Mr. Luís Toribio Millan, 38 years old, from Aguilar de Campoo, who has a lesion in his blood, dictated the following:

“I was in the Pines, I believe around August 5th, watching the girls who had apparitions when the following happened: I had been carried up to the Pines on peoples’ shoulders, since I have a blood lesion. We met some men who had a recorder, and they recorded the apparition with it.”

“The girls returned to the normal state. There were two girls, one was Loli and the other was Jacinta. We spoke with them and asked them what they had seen. They answered us that they had seen the Virgin and that she had a blue mantle, a Child in her arms, and that they’d also seen the Archangel St. Michael. These questions were made by various people who were present. There were more than fifty people present.”

“The girls had a microphone in their hands, because a man wanted to have some recordings of the girls. Then they spoke about something and then they fell into ecstasy with the microphone in their hands.”

“They stayed in ecstasy, sitting down, and then they knelt with their backs to the Pines. One of them lifted the microphone so the Virgin could speak into it, while she said that the girls had recorded the voice as gossip, saying that they wanted her to speak. ‘Speak, say something.’ They repeated it many times: ‘Come on, why don’t you speak, speak.’ I believe that this is the last thing they said before leaving the ecstasy.”

As it continued, she turned around in front of the megaphone so that the people who were present could hear what had been recorded. We heard the whole conversation with a little bit of difficulty and we arrived at the end. Then we heard a voice that did not belong to any of the girls, which said: “No, I won’t speak.”

The voice was refined, a woman’s voice, not a child’s voice, very clear, very sweet and melodious. It was completely different from the girls’ voices.

“All of the people reacted and some hugged. The reaction was enormous. There was someone at my side who was all white, like a cadaver.”

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