Friday, January 4, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part One, Post 18

Third Manifestation

While we were speaking with the girls they fell into a trance. It is very brief. We were next to them and we heard what they said very clearly. It’s the part of the dialogue that corresponds to the girls. I took the account that was made from the combination of his notes, and those from Fr. Cipriano Abad and Andrés Pardo. Fr. Luís made them four or five days before his death.

“Upon finishing these questions they had another Vision while the priests were near them.


“Now bring the Child.” (They laugh, kiss, and offer smiles).

“The Child is very beautiful! Look at the Child’s crown.”

“Take it, don’t take me!—Why don’t you stretch a little more?”

“You return with the Child. You say that you won’t come again. Where do you have him? Is he sleeping?”

“How beautiful!”

“How old is he? Why don’t you say?”


“You don’t want to tell us how old he is?”

“We can’t say how old he is?”

“He’s so small!”

(They had serious attitudes, and moved their lips).

“Can they go up?”

“We heard little Sari and the others.”

N.B.—There are no more facts from this Vision. We spoke with the girls and they told us the following: “The Virgin is happy because the people have obeyed (they didn’t ascend to the top). She has told us to pray the Rosary. She said if they want they can come to pray here. She said that they will see her until the morning.

The people ascended and prayed the Rosary, which the girls led.