Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 15

Narration of Mr. José Salceda Calderón

Mr. José Salceda Calderón, 52 years old, neighbor of Aguilar de Campoo, says:

“That he was an eyewitness of the ecstasies of Jacinta and Loli.”

“We were about 50 people, and it was about two in the afternoon at the Pines. Among the spectators was a married couple of about 55 years old who had a megaphone that was working during the ecstasy.”

“Since I was very close to the girls, I could hear them tell the Virgin that Conchita had returned from Santander and that she was uglier, as though the Virgin had told them that she wasn’t ugly.”

Then they repeated: ‘Well, ugly no, but darker and they’ve cut her hair.” This went on for close to a half an hour during which they revealed scapulars and stones. When the ecstasy ended the owner asked them that if they could say what they had seen. They answered that they saw the Virgin and the Angel. When they were asked what the Virgin was wearing, they answered that it was a blue mantle and a white dress. When they were asked whether the angel carried a sword, they said no.

“Following this they had a second ecstasy, where they were found with their backs to the Pines, but they were still looking at the trees because their heads were completely lifted. Mari Loli had the microphone from the time the first ecstasy ended and she directed it at the Virgin and said to her: ‘Some men have come and they have brought a ‘recorder’ to record what we say because they don’t believe. Take it, speak, give them their test, speak.’”

“When she said this, she lifted her arm while holding the microphone and insisting that the Virgin speak.”

“The second ecstasy ended like this and the man continued playing the apparatus so that it recorded the march on the tape.”

“The retransmission was very easy and we heard it well. The tape ended like this. With the last words there was a voice that said: ‘No, I won’t speak.’”

“When we heard this, we all jumped for joy and yelled, saying: ‘This is a miracle.’ The way these words were spoken and the sweetness of them, so distinct, could only have come from the Virgin’s lips.”

“The owner of the recorder jumped saying: ‘I will send this to the Pope,’ and he rewinded it again to hear, but we didn’t hear the sweet words again. Everything was jumbled.”

“I forgot to say that when the Virgin spoke, the girls yelled and hugged crazily.”