Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Does the Vatican Say About Garabandal?

We have often been asked “What does the Catholic Church say about Garabandal?”

As you may know Conchita was invited to the Vatican by Cardinal Ottaviani in 1968. She spent a number of hours being interviewed by the Cardinal. It is reported that she gave the date of the miracle to Cardinal Ottaviani, so we can assume that the Pope at the time, Paul VI, was given
the date. We also know that Fr. Benac S.J., the well known Spanish Jesuit who established a major Garabandal Center in India and traveled the world promoting Garabandal, met with Cardinal Ratzinger and handed over copies of all his extensive Garabandal files.

What can we draw from this information? We can state without doubt that the Pope and the Vatican know the details of the Garabandal story, including the prophetic events, namely the Warning, the Miracle and the Permanent Sign. We believe that these events will occur before any approval is given by the Vatican. In other words, Garabandal will prove itself.