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Mark has posted some prophecies about the coming persecution of Christians and the Church. I'm wondering if the Warning will stop all this craziness or is this a chastisement?
Deacon John


Coronation of Napoleon
The Crowning [self-coronation] of Napoleon
, Jacques-Louis David, c.1808

A NEW word has been on my heart the past couple months:



I have already introduced you to a priest-friend in New Boston, Michigan where the Divine Mercy message first began to spread in North America from his very parish. He receives visits from the Holy Souls in Purgatory each night in vivid dreams. I recounted this past December what he heard when the late Fr. John Hardon appeared to him in a special dream:

Persecution is near. Unless we are willing to die for our faith and be martyrs, we will not persevere in our faith. (See Persecution is Near )

This humble priest has also received recent visits from the Little Flower, St. Thérèse de Liseux, who has given a message, which I believe is for the whole Church. Fr. does not publicize these things, but confided them to me personally. With his permission, I am publishing them here.


In April, 2008, the French saint appeared in a dream wearing a dress for her first Communion and led him toward the church. However, upon reaching the door, he was barred from entering. She turned to him and said:

Just as my country [France], which was the eldest daughter of the Church, killed her priests and faithful, so will the persecution of the Church take place in your own country. In a short time, the clergy will go into exile and will be unable to enter the churches openly. They will minister to the faithful in clandestine places. The faithful will be deprived of the "kiss of Jesus" [Holy Communion]. The laity will bring Jesus to them in the absence of the priests.

Immediately, Fr. understood that she was referring to the French Revolution and the sudden persecution of the Church which burst out. He saw in his heart that priests will be forced into offering secret Masses in homes, barns, and remote areas. Fr. also understood that several clergy were going to compromise their faith and form a "pseudo-church" (see In the Name of Jesus — Part II ).

Be careful to preserve your faith, because in the future the Church in the U.S.A will be separated from Rome. —St. Leopold Mandic (1866-1942 A.D.), Antichrist and the End Times, Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, p.27

And then recently, in January 2009, Fr. audibly heard St. Therese repeat her message with more urgency:

In a short time, what took place in my native country, will take place in yours. The persecution of the Church is imminent. Prepare yourself.

"It will happen so fast," he told me, "that no one will really be prepared. People think this can’t happen in America. But it will, and soon."


One morning in December of 2004, I awoke before the rest of my family while we were on a concert tour. A voice spoke within my heart saying that a spiritual earthquake occurred 200 years ago in what is known as the French Revolution. This unleashed a spiritual tsunami which raced through the world and brought its devastation to a peak around 2005 [see my writing Persecution! (Spiritual Tsunami) ]. That wave is now receding and leaving in its wake chaos.

To be honest, I didn’t even know what the French Revolution was. I do now. There was a period called "The Enlightenment" in which philosophical principles began to emerge, which viewed the world entirely from a perspective of human reason, rather than reason enlightened by faith. This culminated during the French Revolution with a violent rejection of religion and a formal split between the Church and State. Churches were ransacked and many priests and religious were put to death. The calendar was altered and some Feast days were outlawed, including Sunday. Napoleon, who defeated the papal army, took the Holy Father prisoner and in a moment of supreme arrogance, crowned himself emperor.

Today, something similar is taking place, but this time on a global scale.


The spiritual tsunami which erupted 200 years ago has a name: the "culture of death." Its religion is "moral relativism." In all truth, it has destroyed a great deal of the foundation of the Church throughout the world except for a remnant of the Rock. As this wave now heads back out to sea, Satan wants to take the Church with it. The "dragon", who inspired the philosophical underpinnings of the French Revolution, intends to finish the job: not just a further widening of division between Church and State, but an end to the Church altogether.

The serpent spewed a torrent of water out of his mouth after the woman to sweep her away with the current. (Rev 12:15)

As the wave started in Europe and finally reached its pinnacle in North America, it is now receding from the Americas until it returns again to Europe, sweeping away every obstacle in its path to allow the rise of a "beast," a global Super-State, a New World Order.

Throughout the world, there is a clamor for change. That desire was evident in November, in an event that could become both a symbol of this need for change and a real catalyst for that change. Given the special role the United States continues to play in the world, the election of Barack Obama could have consequences that go far beyond that country. If current ideas for reforming the world’s financial and economic institutions are consistently implemented, that would suggest we are finally beginning to understand the importance of global governance.—Former Soviet President Michael Gorbachev (presently President of the International Foundation for Socio-Economic and Political Studies in Moscow), January 1, 2009, International Herald Tribune

I believe that there is a collective interest that the world can be persuaded of, in the United Nations playing a bigger role in security, NATO playing a bigger role out of theatre, and also the European Union as a collective institution playing a fuller role in world politics. —Prime Minister Gordon Brown (then Chancellor of the U.K.), January 19th, 2007, BBC

Of course, the greatest obstacle is the Catholic Church and her moral teachings, especially on marriage and the dignity of the human person.

A concrete sign of the beginnings of this Revolution came about suddenly on March 9th, 2009 in the American state of Connecticut in a "shot" over the bow of the Church. A legislative Bill was proposed to interfere directly in the operations of the Catholic Church by forcing bishops and priests to become a separate entity from the parish, instead placing in authority an elected board (a similar effort to democratize the Church was made in France with the The Law of the Civil Constitution of the Clergy [1790 A.D.] which forced both bishops and priests to be elected by the people.) Connecticut Catholic leaders felt it was a direct counter-attack to the Church’s efforts to prevent same-sex "marriage" in the state. In a rousing speech, the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus warned:

The lesson of the nineteenth century is that the power to impose structures that grant or take away authority of Church leaders at the discretion and will of government officials is nothing less than the power to intimidate and the power to destroy. —Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson, rally at the Connectitcut State Capitol, March 11, 2009

…modern liberalism has strong totalitarian tendencies… —Cardinal George Pell, March 12th, 2009 at conference on "Varieties of Intolerance: Religious and Secular."


The Fifth Seal of Revelation is persecution, which I believe will begin on various regional levels and will set the stage for the Great Persecution of the Church when the beast is given a mouth: when lawlessness culminates in the Beast, the "lawless one."

He shall speak against the Most High and oppress the holy ones of the Most high, thinking to change the feast days and the law. They shall be handed over to him for a year, two years, and a half-year. (Dan 7:25)

But remember this, dear brothers and sisters: when this spiritual earthquake shook the heavens two centuries ago, our Blessed Mother also appeared at the very same time.

A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun… Then another sign appeared in the sky; it was a huge red dragon…. (Rev 12:1, 3)

These present times are nothing more than the final thrashings of the tail of a serpent who feels the heel of a Woman about to crush his head.

But when the court is convened, and his power is taken away by the final and absolute destruction, then the kingship and dominion and majesty of all the kingdoms under the heavens shall be given to the holy people of the Most High, whose kingdom shall be everlasting: all dominions shall serve and obey him. (Dan 7:25-27)

The winds of change blow —hasten now to prepare your cupboards, time is running out. All of My heavenly court are assembled. My great warring angels are amongst you protecting and guarding My faithful flock. There will be chaos, unrest, and great confusion. Nations align only to bring about a culture of death. Persecution is near. Pray for My priests for many are lukewarm and have been distracted. A great schism will rise. A great tidal wave of fear and injustice will give rise resonating in the east; the west will be shaken by great aftershocks. Natural disasters abound. More commercial and economic collapse will give rise to anarchy. The mighty lion roars and the bear has been set upon a path that will reap destruction and havoc. Prepare for anarchy and chaos. You must stay vigilant and determined, strong in your resolve.

The time of persecution draws close. Remember you are governed by My Spirit. Fear not. Revolution, persecution, many factions are forming… Tower of Babylon, tower of Babylon, from east to west, a new nation will rise to bring about only a culture of death and destruction. Persecution is near, prepare your homes, secure your thresholds, keep warm your hearths. Stay suited in holy armor; keep sacramentals about your homes and in places of honor… You will lead My people through the revolution—a great revolution is on the horizon. —Jesus to Mary Reilly, November 8th, 2008 public message; November 18th, 2008 (from a private message printed here with permission);


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