Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What will the Church of the Era of Peace be like? The prophecy given at Garabandal creating the greatest curiosity concerns the present Pope. Conchita tells us Our Lady revealed that "There will be only two more Popes after Paul VI, but that does not mean the end of the world." This difficult prediction implies that during the last years of history
remaining before the Second Coming of Christ, the Church will have no Pope. Will it also be the Era of Peace? Or will the Era of Peace be so short that this present Pope, John Paul II, who according to the prophecy is the last one, will live to the end of it, when persecution begins again and only a short time is left before the world ends? Or can it signify that a form of Church unity will be embraced where the Petrine office will be exercised by more than one person or by a college of Patriarchs, somewhat after the
manner of the Orthodox Church? The meaning of Mary's words is obscure, but she does link this prophecy about the last Pope with the "end of the times."

Perhaps the purpose the Blessed Virgin has in unveiling this unusual prediction is to prepare us for unprecedented organizational shifts in the structure of the Church of the future. Reunion and world-evangelization will require enormous alteration of attitudes and methods to accomplish the tasks at hand. The Church, it appears, will be vastly different from the one we are used to now, and light years away from the Church as it was before the Second Vatican Council.

[To be continued . . .]