Thursday, March 12, 2009



This book has been written to prepare minds for the events to come. For over twenty years, the revelations of Garabandal have been held in doubt and confusion, through circumstances beyond the control of any of us. This situation was in the plan of God, and was predicted by Our Lady herself at Garabandal. But now The Warning has confirmed all those events, and dispelled the fog hanging over the apparitions that occurred there. Her words and lessons in that little mountain village also reaffirm and authenticate the Marian apparitions of the past, and link them all in a remarkable tapestry of prophecy that singles out the years we are passing through as the most important in history. She has given us the "Last Warnings," and we know we are seeing the "End of the Times." We are on the threshold of a new age, an Era of Peace, a time of evangelization without comparison. God is doing everything to prepare us. This book has attempted to bring to center-focus the elements of the basic message the Mother of God has been bringing to the world for over one hundred and fifty years.

God Himself has begun, by The Warning, to dramatically make clear to us that what Mary has proclaimed has been true all along. We can all see for ourselves what God is doing, because He is making His works apparent. No one can sincerely maintain, from now on, that there is no God or that He has no power. We are experiencing His judgment upon our world, which has drifted so far from Him. In His mercy, He now gives us the opportunity to turn back to Him before it is too late.

We must now wait for The Miracle, which will surely ensue within a year of the date of The Warning. It will eventually convert the whole world. A new world is being born. There are wars and rumors of wars, but we are not to panic, for "the end is not yet." There is an Era of Peace stretching out before us. We must reach out for it, grasp it, and give it to one another. We cannot delay any longer. The time is now.

[The End]