Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The Church lives in time, and it will take time for the conversion of the world to take place and for evangelization to be completed. God can pierce time as He did during The Warning, but the spread of the message depends ordinarily, even after such a prodigy as The Warning, on the ministry of the Church in time. There has to be, therefore, an Era of
Peace, to allow evangelization to unfold. The world will not be brought into the Church overnight, nor without struggle, persecution, hardship and pain. Not everyone has been so renovated by The Warning that all will immediately embrace the Christian faith. Local churches will need opportunity to become fully united and mature, strong enough to
engage in the work of evangelizing. The process that began in Jerusalem and Antioch over nineteen centuries ago will have to be repeated, this time on a world-wide basis. A well-developed system of instruction, catechesis, pastoral care and mutual support must first blossom, to render recognizable the Church where all can find salvation. The Church
must be properly organized to evangelize the world, and the world may be hesitant to surrender at once to the demands of living the full implications of the mystery of Church. The complete conversion of the world by the Church newly reunited will require much time. We will need the Era of Peace.

[To be continued . . .]