Monday, July 30, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 33



The Bishopric of Santander and Garabandal



The note broadcasted by the Bishop of Santander on October 9, 1968 produced a wave of letters and articles that demonstrated an opposition to the Bishop’s conclusions about Garabandal.


 This is serious because it suggests the state of feelings which were detrimental to the authority and credibility of the Bishop of Santander. This weighs everything down, and it is that which permits the awaited happenings to produce themselves. No one believes that the ecclesiastical authority will pass over the Bishop of Santander and support the happenings of Garabandal in the future.


 As a result, it is much more useful as a good ending to everything we hoped, and for us to try to understand the bishops of Santander and the notes they have given.



 It is certain that Our Mother in Heaven wants everything to arrive at a good end. The position of the bishops, though it seems contrary to ours, is not an impossible obstacle and has its explanation, which, once understood, fills us with faith and confidence as well as gratefulness to the bishops and the commission since we see their conduct as the immense prudence of the Church. In their conclusions, so different from those of the common feelings of others, we see the will of Providence, who has served as that exact instrument, as it has served the seers.


 As a preliminary reflection, we should consider the justice that we can establish the charisma and effects in relation to the bishop’s notes, and we can see that there are two points of view.


 If the note contains conclusions contrary to our convictions, we judge the intention of what has been written from this conclusion.


 And that, by trying to understand the situation and intention of the writing, we deduce what the note produces. We can understand from this point of view when we have a favorable mindset, that we can’t extend the acceptance of the facts because of matters of form and conscience.



 Also, everything that is said and written about Garabandal, whoever the author, is dependant upon the end of the matter, so they are only personal opinions, possibly very respectable, but none of them have the valor of knowing the resolution. The only thing that has weight or importance are the sworn declarations of the seers, witnesses, and official informants; facts given freely, without any physical, moral, or religious motive, because in these cases it would be null. Also, only official documents from the hierarchy, local or Vatican are valid.



 With this preamble made, we’ll continue with the history of Garabandal, understanding that the notes have been written in these terms, which everyone knows.

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