Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 32

San Sebastián May 4, 1963

Hail Mary!

Mr. Masimo Foerschler,

Dear Sir: I’m going to answer your letter to say that I won’t forget to pray for your son. How was the operation?

You told me that the one who saw apparitions (Lourdes) made a very beautiful grotto and that the devotion of the people is very beautiful as well, but that the other is only comercial and that you’ve seen it. Is this true? You say that you didn’t feel the emotion here, but that the faith of the people and the grotto were very emotional. I thought that it was something else. St. Bernadette’s home was very beautiful.

Well, I have no news from here since there are no apparitions. Regards to your wife and children. Loving salutations from

Conchita González

Pray so that the Virgin’s message will be completed.

The Virgin and her Child will reward you.


Note: The apparitions ended.