Friday, July 20, 2012


This story is as appropriate today as it

was when first told in 1971

 Conchita of Garabandal 10
“Walking is to suffer ….
resting is to be happy”


Ave Maria
Dear Wor
kers of
the Blessed Virgin
Although these words are
only mine
, accept them on faith
as representing the wish of the
Blessed Virgin for each one of
us. Fulfill and make others fulfill
the Message by your example,
prayers and words. We are now
nearing the last times.
God’s Messages to us are not
(only) things to remember and
admire. We must fulfill them
and spread them. The harvest
is great and the time very short.
Christian unity is necessary
among the workers. Through it,
you receive more graces from
He who seeks God will
always find Him. One can find
Him in church as well as at
a dance, in a drunken person
and a drug addict as well as in
a priest. It only depends upon
the love and confidence that the
person feels for God.
Do you want to be happy?
Then retire alone with God for
a few minutes. Place yourself
in the presence of God and
of your own soul. Then with
utter sincerity, recognize your
faults. Ask God for the grace
to overcome them and try with
all your strength day after day,
moment by moment, to correct
them. Then you will begin to
feel completely happy. Your
faults are the only things that
will make you feel miserable
and unhappy. Also, in your
moments of intimacy with God,
remember the qualities that God
has given you. Put them to good
use, and give Him thanks. I
assure you whoever reads these
lines that you will be happy.
Remember that this life is a
journey where the trail we must
follow has been blazed by the life
of Christ. Do you suffer? Fine,
Christ goes before you. Carry
your suffering with joy because
when you suffer, God is closer
to you. Are you happy? That is
fine, too. It provides a rest on
your journey. You have to reach
the goal in this way, walking
and resting. Walking is to suffer,
and resting is to be happy. The
goal is heaven, the house of the
Father where the Blessed Virgin
waits with outstretched arms to
receive you and admit you very
quickly. She will not let St Peter
detain you very long. She, with
her mother’s heart, will quickly
obtain the eternal happiness you
Give God your will and
ask the Blessed Virgin never
to permit you to do anything
contrary to God’s designs for
you. Ask her also to teach you
to be happy and to smile in your
suffering. Pray for me.

[From 'Garabandal International Magazine, January-March 2012 Issue]