Monday, July 2, 2012

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 27

San Sebastián de Garabandal—October 2, 1964

Dear Masimo,

I’m happy upon receiving this letter to find you well and in the company of your wife and children. I offer thanks to God.

Masimo, this is so you know that I think a lot about you even though I don’t always write. I always remember you in my prayers and I ask the Lord and the Most Holy Virgin to keep you well and living in your faith so that it grows more in your heart. Well, please pray for me as well so that I will be better. We also have to pray for the sanctification of the priests so that they will be holy. Masimo, there are many good priests but there are others who are bad and we have to pray for all of them so that the Lord and the Most Holy Virgin will make all of them very good. If they were all good, that they would give us a good example of the truth because they represent Christ on earth, and if they’re not then they give a bad example. We also have to pray for the missions and the Pope’s intentions and the success of the Council. We have to pray for the whole world, so that those who are good will be better and those who are bad will be good. You already know Our Lady’s message, that if the world doesn’t change a punishment will come, and it will come because the world does not change.

Masimo, on September 30th we went to see Fr. Andreu—my father, Ceferino, Loli, and I all went to Reinosa. You don’t know how happy Loli and I were to go to the house. We were sad to not be able to be with Fr. Andreu more; we were there for a very short time. It will be two years on January 13th, so you can understand how much we wanted to come.

Masimo, when you come (it will be a year in June), when you come, Masimo in the last letter you wrote to me you asked about my brother Marcelo. I can’t tell anything now because it’s been three months since he’s written to us, but we know that he’s in Gran Canaria because my mother’s cousin…well I won’t put down anything more because you’ll already be tired of reading my handwriting.

Say hello to Araceli and Ralf for me, and my parents and siblings send their regards.

When you come, we’d like to see you. Goodbye. Don’t forget us.

Jacinta González

Conchita says hello because you did something as great as becoming Christian and receiving Jesus our Father and he loves us and we have to obey him. I won’t forget you before the Virgin and in my humble prayers—Conchita González