Monday, September 21, 2009

Garabandal Forum

A Suggestion from Tasmania, Australia

Dear Tony,
I am writing to make a suggestion to you.
The predicted "Warning" has been supported by other revelations including some from several centuries past. I have even read in the "Two Hearts" magazine that spoke of a Protestant pastor having a similar vision where everyone saw their souls as God sees them.
It seems that this will happen soon.
When it does happen there will be such an outpouring of sorrow and confusion that people will need spiritual help as to what to do next. It will be impossible to minister to all those in need of direction.
With this in mind I have begun putting together "Mercy Packs." In each is a Miraculous Medal, a Rosary, pamphlets on "How to Pray the Rosary," Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, the Divine Mercy devotion; prayers to God the Father, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joseph, the Holy Spirit, an act of sorrow for sins, a Morning Offering to live in the Divine Will, a small picture of the Divine Mercy and a small booklet of the Gospel of St. Luke.
I have also included a small sachet of blessed salt.
I leave it to your discretion as to whether to pass this suggestion on to those who believe in the Garabandal messages.
Yours in the love of Christ

Dear Maree,
Thank you for your suggestion re the Mercy Packs. We will include it in the Forum section . . .
To Jesus through Mary

I might add that years ago we were supplied with packs similar to these by a group of devout ladies who put them together. I personally gave out many of them to my students at Sunday school and also at prayer meetings and Garabandal conferences that I gave showing the "Events of Garabandal" movie and giving a talk on Garabandal. They were very popular and I think it's a great idea. I always said that after the "Warning," us believers will have our hands full helping people to enter the Church as Catholics. Think about it!
Deacon John