Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Garabandal Forum

Dear Sir,
Would you be so kind as to say what the permanent Sign might be at Garabandal as described on your website?

Dear Friend,
Thank you for your inquiry about the permanent Sign prophesied to be left at Garabandal after the Miracle. Conchita said "from that moment on (the Miracle) there would be a permanent Sign left at the Pines that everyone will be able to see and touch but not feel." The Sign will be there until the end of the world. It will remind everyone of the authenticity of Garabandal.

Some have suggested it could be a column of smoke by day and a column of fire by night similar to that which accompanied the Jews on their journey out of Egypt. This was to remind the Jews that Yahweh was present with them on the journey to the promised land. The column of fire and smoke was called the Shekinah.

God Bless,