Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Garabandal by Hugh J. Lynch

Garabandal where Mary has been;
2000 apparitions children have seen
The pilgrims come from far and wide
To this famous village by the mountain side.

The rocky path and the ancient pines
Have been used by God, as wondrous signs
Of His power and His Mother's love;
The message direct from heaven above.

God chose His heavenly Mother's face
To appear in this beautiful mountain place
Here, He has used His power and might
In this dark world to give us light.

Mary has come with scapular and crown
To help us all she has come down.
From sin she promises full release,
And gives us hope of eternal peace.

With Michael the archangel, she did appear
To draw us closer to her Son so dear.
They came to show all of us the way
By praying the rosary every day.

To simple poor and honest folk
She taught us how to bear the yolk
Her message from the heavenly skies
Of penance, prayer and sacrifice.

The cup is full we've had our fill
We now await the Miracle
Our Blessed Mother loves us all
Her children await their Mother's call.