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Distant Pines, Site of the Miracle & Great Sign to Come.

Dear Sir,
After the Warning, it has been said that when people go to the Pines and see the Miracle, that people will be healed and converted. Since not all people will be able to go there at that moment due to financial reasons, will they be able to go later as the Sign will be left there until the end of time? I was told that it would be televised so will you be healed by looking at it on TV or do you have to go there in person? Not everyone in the whole world will be able to go there when all this happens so please help me to understand.
Blessings from Pam.

Dear Pam,
Thank you for your inquiry about the Miracle to occur at Garabandal, and to be announced by Conchita 8 days in advance. We need to look carefully at what Our Lady said would happen on the day of the Miracle. Conchita in an interview in 1973, quoting the Virgin, said, "that everyone who would be there (Garabandal) on that day would see it. The sick who are there will be cured, no matter what their diseases or religion. However they have to be there." She also said, "all sinners would be converted." You are correct in saying that you have to be in Garabandal to be healed or converted. Conchita also said that the Miracle would be televised. Mother Angelica of E.W.T.N. said she would have a television crew on the plan two hours after Conchita's announcement of the Miracle.
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I share your concern about the many, many people who would like to be there but for financial or other reasons can't be there on the day. I remember reading a few years ago about a mother of six who was paralyzed, in a wheel chair and living in Portugal, while watching the blessing of the sick at Lourdes on TV, being totally cured. So who is to say this will not happen at Garabandal? The Miracle I believe will be the greatest event since the Incarnation of Christ. It will hopefully convert the "whole world." Will healings be a testament and a reminder of the reason for Garabandal and the need to repent and return to God? I believe they will.
If you want to be at Garabandal for the Miracle, ask Our Lady for that great grace. If it is God's will, you will be there. I hope this explanation has helped you to understand.
God Bless,

I've been asked many times whether I would go to Garabandal for the Miracle. I really don't have a desire to be there in person. My miracle has already come with my own conversion and many graces and healings I have received from Almighty God through Our Lady of Mt. Carmel de Garabandal. I wear the "kissed relic" at all times and Our Lady said Jesus would perform "prodigy's through them." He certainly worked a "prodigy" with my conversion and ordination to the Holy Diaconate. I was told to my face that I would never make it and some even tried to have me rejected. But God is greater than them all and opened the necessary doors to allow me to reach that special day when I consecrated my life to His glory.
So, like millions of others, I will watch the Miracle on TV and celebrate. 40 years ago, I gave up drinking alcohol (I was a heavy drinker and haven't touched a drop since) and said that on the day of the Great Miracle I will have a beer. I look forward to that!
Deacon John

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