Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Sign will point to heaven. It will tell us always that this present life will one day end, and that we will ascend, as Jesus and Mary did, to an eternal life that is beyond the clouds and our understanding. Our destiny is to live forever with God in heaven. The permanence of The Sign will persuade us to keep our eyes fixed, not on earthly, but on heavenly things. Its presence in the center of a renewed world will demand the holiness that heaven knows. We must prevent what happened before from happening again, by avoiding sin and embracing heaven's holy way. The Sign will recall to us that it was because of sin that the former world was destroyed and rejected. It will continue to alert us, as The Warning once did to the world at large, of the terrible danger that sin presents
to our lives and happiness. It will cast light on our sin and show it to be the true enemy that it is: sin alone can deprive us of heaven.

[To be continued . . .]