Monday, February 2, 2009


View from the summit of Mount SinaiMount Sinai Image via Wikipedia

The Sign calls us all to holiness.
The Israelites were continually reminded by the fiery
cloud hovering over The Meeting Tent that God was with them, leading them relentlessly to holiness and to the Holy Land. The Sign will be with us like that cloud of God's glory, to remind us that the Lord is leading us also to holiness and to the land of heaven, and that He will not tolerate idolatry among His people. There is only One God, and Jesus, born of Mary, is His Only-begotten Son. We must follow Him back to the Father; there is no other Way. We are to climb the mountain of Calvary He climbed, just as Moses once climbed up Mount Sinai into the fiery cloud. With Jesus, the new Moses, and in Him, we enter the cloud and fire, to meet God "face-to-Face." The Sign will be high on the mountain, in Garabandal, a mountain often shrouded in clouds just above The Pines. The Sign will beckon to us all: "Come to The Mountain, where God dwells." Whoever journeys there will be touched by the power in the cloud, the same power that can send The Warning, The Miracle, and The Punishment. The Sign will interpret history to the generation that beholds it, saying, "There is only One God, and Jesus is His son. Do not again worship false gods, else punishment will come again." If we are tempted to go to war again, to again choose values and actions that are selfish and sinful rather than choose God, then The Sign will be there to warn us that such will be the way of death. It will be a permanent "warning" of what could happen again, should we reject Him. The Sign will make the place holy over which it blazes, calling us to holiness.

[To be continued . . .]
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