Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The Sign will guard "The Era of Peace." The period of peace that Our Lady promised at Fatima will come. The duration of that peace is indefinite; she assures us that we will be given a "certain period" of peace. The Peace can be squandered by sin. In none of Mary's prophecies does she predict that sin will cease after God intervenes. The struggle against sin will continue, even until the Day of the Lord when Jesus comes again to wipe it out forever. As children are being born who have never known the previous age and its degradation, nor The Warning, The Miracle, or The Punishment, they, like all the others before them, will be tempted by sin. The sign will instruct them, reinforcing the teaching of their parents that they must never sin as their forebears did. Otherwise The Peace they have inherited will be lost again, and then surely people would destroy one another and bring a final end to the world. These children and their children in turn will be able to go to Garabandal to gaze on The Sign---a testimony against the sins of past generations, an explanation of why the old world had to end and why there is now peace and unity, and a warning for the future, that never again must men and women offend our Lord so much. The children of today's generation will return home chastened by the sight of The Permanent Sign and by its power, for somehow it will enlighten their minds and fire their hearts to know their own sinfulness, and call them to repentance too, purifying them as they come near its glory. The Sign will protect the Era of Peace by commanding each one to be at peace with brother and sister, with self and with God. It will guard the age to come until the end of the world.

[To be continued . . .]