Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 73

Extract of a letter to Fr. Ramón from the Marquis

Madrid, February 18, 1962

Daughter of Mr. Antonio Soldevilla Gredilla:
After lunch and strengthened by your face, Rosario and I went to the street called José de Hierro, which is situated at the end of the Barrio de la Concepción. It is a new house, modest, with a 3rd floor and no elevator. A tall, thin, middle-aged woman responded to our call and at the question of whether she had a son who was very sick, she responded that her son had been near death.

Her story is the following:
Her son, who is now three and a half years old, and around the month of August was completely normal, very plump and healthy, and we all went to the pool; he was a completely normal child. One day he began to be paralyzed—his condition was worsening and after a few days he was like wood; he couldn’t move and he was completely blind: it was a picture of horror. They treated him and performed tests at the Clinic of Conception. A doctor saw him and decided to operate. The child was transported to the clinic and prepared for surgery—his head was even shaved for the operation. Dr. Obrador recognized the sick child, studied the electrograms, etc, and said that surgery could not do anything in his case. In view of this, the child was transported home once again, and Dr. Paniagua, Dr. Obrador’s assistant, continued to visit him. During the month of October, the child’s mother because to place medals around the child, among them was one of Our Lady of the Pilar. About a month later, one of her husband’s relatives (Señor Gredilla, a jeweler in Burgos) sent a medal, saying that it had been kissed by Our Lady of Garabandal. With extraordinary faith, the woman brought the medal to the child. A few days later, the child, who had been immobile, began to have convulsions, first in the legs, and later in the arms, tongue, etc. He began to open his little eyes and he felt better. Today, we have seen him and he is completely normal and absolutely healed. That is what has happened up until today when we visited. I have explained to the mother that we are bringing you this inquest and she is completely comfortable with this, and wants to verify all of the facts because she is the first one to be convinced that her son has been cured by a Miracle. She said: “I cried at the Clinic when the doctors didn’t want to believe that it was the same child. Even Dr. Paniagua told me—‘it seems to be a miracle.’”

The child is named Miguel and Rosario says that she has heard the girls pray for Miguel and that the Virgin said: “They will cure many children”—You remember hearing them say this. “Will you cure little Miguel?” Rosario says yes and that it is in one of the reports. It is possible that I will see the Matutanos tonight.”