Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 72

Extract of a letter to Fr. Ramón from the Marquis of Santa María


Madrid, February 2, 1962

“My sister-in-law arrived yesterday (Carmeluchi’s mother). She is going to spend a few days in my house so she can see Jiménez Díaz and she is very enthusiastic about Garabandal from what we and her daughter have said. Very fearfully, she showed me a medal that is on her rosary which was kissed in Garabandal. It has begun to smell and she didn’t dare say anything until Rosario told her about what happened. It smells exactly like the rosary and the pines.
Another case: Carmeluchi’s father-in-law sent his medals and those of his family members to Garabandal, and when they were returned to him he looked at the chain and said, very surprised: “I lost this medal many years ago, and here it is on my chain!”
Another: A cousin of mine when to Garabandal and had given her rosary to the girls so that the Virgin would kiss it. She had lost the crucifix that was attached to the rosary and was very disgusted. She saw that this rosary had a medal of St. Catherine of Siena, which was so worn that it was impossible to tell who it depicted. When the girl gave it to be kissed she told the Vision: “Kiss it!—what?—It’s St. Catherine?” Emilio Valle (it seems to me you already know who he is) asked to show the medal to the Bishop of León who is a friend of his and who wanted to see the medal. He brought it to the Bishop in a newly purchased wallet, together with a rosary that had been hung. When Emilio Valle returned it to the owner of the rosary, the original rosary and crucifix came out of the wallet.