Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Prophecy about the Garabandal Paralytic Boy

The Prophecy about the Garabandal Paralytic Boy -

The Prophecy about the Garabandal Paralytic Boy

The Prophecy about the Garabandal Paralytic Boy

have been contacted by many of you regarding a Prophecy from Conchita
written in a book about Gararabandal years ago and you make me crazy
with a Prophecy regarding a Paralytic Boy called Daniel Fernandez who
should be healed for the Great Miracle day, some "enemy" of our Lady of
Garabandal have used a rumor confirming that this Paralytic Boy is
already dead which could confirms that Garabandal was false because this
prophecy with some other rumors failed.

Last year when I was in
Garabandal, I question my good friends from the village, most have never
heard about this rumor and the other did not wanted to answer me then I
concluded myself that it was another rumor only and I quickly forgot
this story as for us Garabandalist, rumors, charges,
slanders....etc...against Garabandal or against us directly are a part
of our Life and thanks God.

Well, Today and from Garabandal
directly, I can confirm that I have been able to get finally the truth
about this Prophecy and the Paralytic Boy from one of my good contact in
the village who asked me to not give his name online to respect the
Fernandez Family to whom he is close, he show me their house (the white
house,attached picture) but I have not been allowed to take a full
picture, a part only, again to respect the wish of the Fernandez Family.

I can confirm that the Prophecy from Conchita was true, the name of
this Boy who is now a Man of a certain age is Daniel Fernandez, son of
Augusto Fernandez as confirmed in the book, Daniel is in LIFE, still
paralyzed and moving with 2 rods, he was in Garabandal few months ago
only, he is living in Santander, his Brother and his Father are with God
now, the bad rumor came from the Death of his Brother and has been
spread around the world by some, they surely thought it was Daniel
without even checking as for most of them they surely never been in the
village, shame on them, please Pray for the Fernandez Family as well,
thank you.