Monday, November 14, 2011

Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest (Chapter XXVI)


Conchita’s Locution on July 20, 1963

I was making my thanksgiving and praying for things. He answered me . . .

I asked Him to give me a cross since I was living without suffering — except the suffering of not having a cross.

And He answered: Yes, I will give it to you.

And with much feeling, I went on praying . . .

And I said to Him, Why is the Miracle coming? . . . To convert many people?

He answered: To convert the whole world.

— Will Russia be converted?

— It also will be converted; and so everyone will love Our Hearts.

— Will the Chastisement come afterwards?

(He didn’t answer me.)

— Why do you come to my poor heart, without my meriting it?

— I certainly do not come for you; I come for all.

— When the Miracle comes, will it be as if I were the only one who had seen the Virgin?

— He answered me: By your sacrifices, your patience, I will allow you to intercede for the accomplishment of the miracle.

And I said to Him: Wouldn’t it be better for me to be with all the others; or if not, that You don’t use any of us to intercede?

— No.

— Will I go to Heaven?

— You should love much and pray to Our Hearts.

— When will You give me a cross?

(He didn’t answer me.)

— What will I be?

(He didn’t answer me. He only told me that everywhere that I would be, I would have much to suffer.)

— Am I going to die soon?

— You have to stay on the earth to help the world.

— I am very small. I couldn’t help in anything.

— With your prayers and sufferings, you will help the world.

— When does one go to heaven? . . . When one dies?

— One never dies.

(I thought that we didn’t go to heaven until we were resurrected.)

I asked Him if St. Peter was at the gate of heaven to receive us; and He told me No.

While I was in this conversation, in this prayer with God, I felt myself out of the world.

Jesus also told me that now His Heart should be loved.

Concerning priests, He told me that I must pray much:

— So that they would be holy and fulfill their duties;

— So that they would make others better;

— So that they would make Me known to those who do not know Me;

— So that they would make Me loved by those who know Me and do not love Me.