Monday, November 21, 2011

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part One, Post 2

Conchita’s autograph:

“—We are girls from San Sebastián; we see the Angel St. Michael.”

(Notebooks, etc.)

These autographed writings are written by the girls on July 31st and August 1st of 1961.

As a summary of the previous facts and from subsequent conversations with the parish priests and with the girls we reconstructed the pertinent information from this day June 18, 1961.

The parish priest talked to the girls about the promises of the Sacred Heart on June 18, 1961. The children finally prayed an Our Father to the Guardian Angel as they were accustomed to doing. Then one of the girls said: “I don’t have a Guardian Angel.” Fr. Valentín said: “Don’t say foolish things, everyone has a Guardian Angel,” and they prayed an Our Father.

At six the children left and the four girls went to take apples. They didn’t go alone at the beginning but they stayed alone when they took the apples. According to the explanations that the girls gave, not all of them took apples. One of them said: “The good Angel is on the right and the bad is on the left.”

The apparition of the Angel was preceded by a light that always accompanied him. At the beginning they were afraid. The Angel didn’t speak. After a time he disappeared.

It’s possible that the girls believed that it was the Guardian Angel. But there were four girls and one Angel. The girls limited themselves to saying that they saw an Angel. The idea that they have about the Angel and what Fr. Valentín had said, goes with this sentence that one of the girls spoke.” The good Angel at the right and the bad Angel at the left, it seemed to be related to the Guardian Angel. As a result, it was surprising when he revealed the identity of this Angel, who did not carry a sword, but said that he was St. Michael the Archangel.