Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part One, Post 4

June 22-23, 1961

These two days correspond to Thursday and Friday. Ceferino’s paper says: “June 22—there was no vision. June 23—Vision, cuadro and Angel.”

During the first two weeks after June 18th, only the Angel appeared to the four girls. The description that the girls make of the Angel is like this: He is nine years old, does not carry a sword, he ordinarily smiles, and you can’t see his feet because they are covered by a long white tunic. His wings are a pink color, and you always see them from the front. As they appear they almost disappear from the front. The Angel revealed his age and identity when he said that he was the Archangel St. Michael.

June 24-July 1, 1961

These days go from Saturday to Saturday. Ceferino’s paper reads like this:

“June 24th—There was no vision.”

“June 25th—Vision—an Angel.”

“June 26th—Vision—an Angel.”

“June 27th—Vision—an Angel.”

“June 28th—Vision—an Angel.”

“June 29th—Vision—an Angel.”

“June 30th—Vision—an Angel.”

“July 1st—Vision—an Angel.”

The apparition took place in the same site on these first days; it seems it was in the road. It was there that a little before an apparition happened, the people from the village would make a ring in the shape of a square to defend the girls from the groups of people who began to come up to witness the phenomenon.