Monday, May 10, 2010


The camera that took a photo of the Blessed Virgin.


From midnight to 4 A.M., Loli and Conchita had close to fifty ecstasies at Cochita's home.
Taking advantage of a moment of intermission, Reverend Ramon de la Riva, handed Conchita his old camera equipped with bellows and suggested that she take a photo of the Blessed Virgin. The girl rather handed the camera to Mari-Loli, then in ecstasy; she, not knowing anything about operating this camera, nevertheless went through the five steps needed to take a picture.
The photos were failures . . . The Blessed Virgin explained through the intermediary Mari-Loli to the good pastor of Barro, that "even if these photos had been better, he would not in any way have believed more than he already did."
Two other attempts, also by Mari-Loli, to "photograph" the Virgin of Mount Carmel (on March 12, 1962 and January 1, 1963) apparently did not come out any better.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 103]

People are always trying to take a picture of the supernatural! As if they would believe in God if they could see Him! But Jesus said "Blessed are they who have not seen, and yet have believed." (St. John 20:29) I have to admit, if someone says they have a miraculous picture, I want to see it out of curiosity. Sometimes God does allow the supernatural to break through and our weak faith is strengthened by seeing or hearing. I have a book with over 400 pictures of the events in Garabandal, many showing the girls levitating, marching backward down hills, many miraculous images. These help me to believe and strengthen my faith in Our Lady's apparitions. How about you? Do you need proof of God's existence? The Great Sign to come at Garabandal will help everyone to believe in God! That's Mary's promise!
God Bless+
Deacon John