Monday, May 17, 2010


Pastor Don Valentin


First day and also first Sunday of the "month of the Holy Rosary" Conchita, at the end of a nocturnal ecstasy, told Don Valentin that she had just learned something from the Blessed Virgin which was far more important than anything that the pastor of Garabandal had been able to note until now. It dealt almost certainly with the future conversion of Protestants or Anglicans, according to what Conchita herself told Placido Ruiloba at that time: "Why do you criticize the Protestants, since 'soon' [better said 'without delay' ('pronto'), since that Spanish word does not in effect mean necessarily 'soon,' but rather the fact that an event will occur 'fast and unhindered'], we will be reunited (or "ONE" - comunes)". Our Lady would reveal gradually to the visionary the first element of a future "major Church event," that is, "the perfect Unity of all Christians at last being accomplished, the very "reunification of Churches" in the Unique Church of Christ! True she began revealing it, one might reasonably think, through the deceased Padre Luis, from August 15, 1961 on other people there. Kind of a prophetic preview and experience of the future worldwide AVISO? [The Warning].

As to Maximo Foerschler, a German engineer and a fervent Protestant, he went to San Sebastian de Garabandal for the first time on the 13th of October 1961. Later he was to return there many times. The Blessed Virgin said of him to the visionaries, that "he believes in God, but little in Me. He will believe . . .". Effectively, that is what was to happen. Very quickly convinced of the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal when he was still a Protestant, Mr. Foerschler would eventually write his testimony in a remarkable document addressed to Msgr. Beitia Aldazabal.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, pages 105-106]

Already, Our Lady is giving the girls some prophecies, which actually are quite amazing! In our present time, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict is going out of his way trying to reunite the Eastern Church with Rome. He even risked his life by going to Turkey and celebrated Divine Liturgy with the Patriarch. He has released his Motu Proprio on the Traditional Mass and the Vatican issued a Document on the Nature of the Catholic Church! Why? Because it is God's will that we be ONE. And it is our duty to pray for this unity, as Jesus prayed "Father, may they be one, as we are One." And not just the Eastern Churches, but all Christianity must be One. 

So as we pray for this unity, Our Lady tells us that it will be through a direct intervention of God that it will happen. The Warning, when everyone on earth will see how they are offending God and each other. Our Lady had said in another apparition in Egypt: "I have said: The Church is the kingdom of Heaven on earth. He who divides it has done wrong, and he who rejoices in its division has also done wrong. My children be united!." 

Yes , sadly, there are Christians who rejoice that they are separated from the Catholic Church. I have even heard Catholics slander our separated brethren. I look forward to this great day of unification, when we will all be ONE. How about you?
Deacon John