Monday, May 3, 2010


Canon Julio Porro Cardenoso from
Tarragonna, a qualified theologian.


Canon Julio Porro Cardenoso became a convinced witness of the divine authenticity of the phenomena occurring at San Sebastian de Garabandal. He was to write later several books about them.
In the afternoon of his arrival, Don Valentin asked Dr. Porro to draw up some ten questions to be submitted to the Blessed Virgin through the visionaries, during their evening ecstasy. Mari-Loli took charge of this mission. Our Lady's answers are a "first" . . .:

"1. By what sins does the Blessed Virgin feel most offended? - The mortal ones.
2. What is the Blessed Virgin urging the Spaniards to do above all to amend themselves? - That they go to confession and receive Communion.
3. What sacrifices is she asking from Spain? - That "we may be good" (totally virtuous).
4. What are the sins of young people that hurt and offend her most? - No answer.
5. What sins of the parents offend her the most? - When they quarrel.
6. What social sin wounds the Heart of Jesus the most? - No answer.
7. Is the impact of the Message greater for Spain or for the whole world? - No answer.
8. What nation fulfills the commandment of Jesus Christ the best? - Spain.
9. What nation can be presented as a model to the faithful? - No answer.
10. Is the Message for the whole world or for Spain? - For the whole world.
11. Why do these things (i.e. the apparitions) occur at night? - No answer: the face of the Vision became clouded over with sadness . . ."
(Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 101)

It's amazing that anyone would question Our Lady, especially with these types of questions which seem so self centered in regards to Spain. But I guess we would probably ask the same in regard to America, thinking we are the greatest nation. Basically, Mother Mary is saying everyone needs to be good, be virtuous, go to confession often and receive Holy Communion often. And She doesn't like it when parents quarrel, especially in front of their children, it gives a bad example to them. She also was sad about night time because most sins are committed then.
Good advise, dear Mother! We will try to be good to please Jesus and You!
Deacon John