Saturday, May 1, 2010

Garabandal Miracle Flight

Garabandel Miracle Flight


$1000 per person
total price if paid
BEFORE the Warning
$1500 per person
total price if paid
AFTER the Warning

1) Full payments of $1000 per person before the Warning, and $1500 per person after the Warning will be accepted for the flight. One payment only. No deposits or partial payments accepted.

(When the miracle will be announced, we may only have 7 days to pay for the planes and make all the contacts and arrangements. This will not be the time to be collecting balances due.)

2) This fee will only include the round trip air fare from JFK airport... nothing else.

(We are going to try to get as many planes as weneed, each leaving from JFK airport only, going to Santander, Spain, about 50 miles from Garabandal.

We plan to get busses from Santander to as close as we can come to Garabandal, and helicopters for some of the handicapped. Dr. J. Dominguez, a Garabandal expert told me that it is estimated that as many as 25 million people could fit into the area where the pines will be visible. If even only 2 or 3 million come, the social amenities and land transportation may be extremely difficult.

But... we will try. However, it must be understood that we can make no promises about these provisions. The round-trip air transportation, God willing, may be all that we can hope to provide.)

3) All payments will be placed in a secured account, and you will receive a copy of the proof of your deposit into that account.

(If the 101 Foundation should change management or suffer financial reversals, your funds will remain fully protected by the US banking system.)

4) In writing, you may obtain a 100% refund at any time up to 4 days prior to departure with no interest and no penalty fee.

(Any interests earned in this account will be used for contingency expenses such as the helicopters, buses, and also to send some clergy free of charge. If it is possible, we hope to supply those clergy members listed in our clergy fund, who wish to go, with a free flight. It depends on how much interest we can accumulate. If the warning and miracle happen soon, it may be very little.)

5) You may change names on the reservation form with no penalty up to 4 days prior to departure.

(We realize that some persons who plan to go now, for various reasons, may be unable to participate when the time comes. Therefore, the payment made may easily be used for another person, if it should become necessary.)

6) Be prepared in the following ways:

A) Have a valid passport.
B) Purchase a sleeping bag and water canteen.
C) Because of road congestion, realize that much walking may be necessary. If you are handicapped, you must be accompanied by someone who can take care of you. Conditions may be very harsh (but the "greatest miracle of all time" will be worth the struggle).

7) If you have previously made a reservation with Fatima Travel, we have arranged to honor that commitment. Call for details.

God bless you. Please pray for the 101 Foundation.


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