Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Questions and Answers regarding the Month of the Miracle and Where It will be Announced:

From Garabandal International Magazine:

Hello Friends,
You state the Miracle will be
March, April or May, however, from
a youtube programme I have seen,
Conchita mentions the Miracle will
be between the months of April and
This rules out March. I do not
know which source ruled out June but
I would appreciate your advice. This
is the only interview I have found in
her own words.
Please advise me of your sources.
Very truly yours,

Dear John,
I refer to your email in which you
state that Conchita’s interview states
that the Miracle will occur between
April and June. Allow me to give you
the history of these predictions.
The Virgin Mary gave Conchita
the exact date of the Miracle and
told her to announce it eight days in
advance. No months were mentioned.
In order to protect the Village from
people flooding there in advance of
the Miracle, Conchita first stated the
miracle would be between February
and June. She later revised this to
March, April or May.
In 1965, in conversation with a
Mexican priest, Fr Morales, Conchita
excluded March. In an interview with
Harry Daley in 1982 she excluded
May. When advised by Maria Saraco
that she (Conchita) had excluded
March in 1965 and May in 1982,
Conchita said she had no memory
of this. Maria Saraco, well known to
the visionaries, said unless Conchita
wanted to refute this, she (Maria
Saraco), would state the Miracle will
occur in April. Conchita said to Maria
Saraco “Do what you have to do”.
So John, you can make up your
own mind about the date of the
Miracle. One thing is for certain, we
won’t have to wait too long to find out
which month was correct. 
In union of prayers

Dear Barry,
(Editor of the Garabandal Journal)
I send you greetings from a hot
and humid Brisbane. From all reports
you have received record snow falls
this winter. Perhaps we could swap
places for a few weeks!
I am wondering if you could
shed some light on the question
of where Conchita will make
the announcement of the Great
Conchita bought a home unit
in Fatima some time ago from the
proceeds of the sale of the family
home in Garabandal. I believe she
spends a few months each year in
Fatima. I have heard she is to make
the announcement of the great Miracle
under the protection of Our Lady of
Fatima and possibly in Fatima. I am
wondering if you can confirm if this is
true? Will the announcement be made
to coincide with Spanish time, English
time or American time? Thank you for
your clarification on this.
God bless

Dear Tony,
Regarding Conchita’s
announcement of the Miracle, I am
completely in the dark as to where
and how that will take place. I’m
not sure she even knows. I have
never heard that she is to make
the announcement, “under the
protection of Our Lady of Fatima”.
One document from the time of the
apparitions states that Our Lady
will appear to her on the day she is
to make the announcement, that is,
eight days beforehand, and give her
the strength to do it.