Thursday, April 8, 2010


Padre Luis in his coffin. In his hands, a crucifix instead of the traditional chalice.
During their ecstasy, the children pointed out this modification in the funeral ritual.


At about 11 a.m., the children had the first of their twelve conversations with deceased Padre Luis. He called them one by one. They could hear him but could not see him. A light was shining from the direction of his voice.
This conversation was described as "pure wonder" by the witnesses, one of whom was Padre Ramon Andreu. To his great surprise, the girls in ecstasy gave a detailed account of his brother's funeral.
Father Luis taught the children a few words from foreign languages. Thus they recited the Ave Maria in Greek.
The Jesuit gave a little message to the visionaries for his brother Ramon, encouraging him to pursue his first hand role of observer and witness at Garabandal. He also urged him to remain obedient to the bishop, and exhorted him to practice a greater personal asceticism.

In the evening of August 16, 1961, the girls had the first of three consecutive experiences. They could hear "a voice coming from afar, as if it were coming down from the mountain. It was a sort of moaning repeating: Go . . ., Go . . ., Go . . . ."
The four visionaries were plunged in darkness all the while that this mysterious manifestation lasted. The Blessed Virgin reappeared and told the children not to be afraid and to follow this voice, distinct from all those that they had heard until then.
We can compare this voice with certain apocalyptic signs, like the sound of trumpets resounding in Chapter 8 of Revelation, when the action of the Most High against the powers of darkness is intensified.
Considering the indisputable eschatological dimension of Garabandal, we think, for good reasons, that this voice was the one that the little visionaries would hear again . . . shortly before the future Warning. But, maybe also, to reassure them when the great trials that fall upon the Church and the world would reach their apex during the difficult time of the pre-Aviso.
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 92.]

Wow! Some creepy stuff. Father Luis dies after seeing the Miracle to come. The girls see his funeral in ecstasy and point out some things to his brother, and the dead Padre teaches the girls to pray in other languages.

I tried to learn German, Italian and Spanish over my lifetime and failed miserably. Imagine how hard it would be for these children to learn a new language by themselves. This had to be supernatural! They couldn't have made this up!

And that strange voice saying 'Go, Go, Go,' this all gives me the 'goose pimples!' But this is what I love about the Catholic Religion, we have the Saints and the Angels; we have Our Blessed Lady and the Miracles . . . I was always drawn to the supernatural when I was young. I was an avid reader of supernatural and science fiction books. And one day I read a book titled "Our Lady of Fatima" and it blew my mind. Here at last was the real thing. I didn't have to read fiction anymore! So I started to read more about Our Lady's apparitions, and Our Lord's too. Then it was the lives of the Saints, etc., etc. And that's how my Faith grew and
became strong and Eucharistic and Marian, because that's what the Saints did. Every one of them! If you don't believe me, go ahead, read some 'Lives of the Saints' books and see for yourself. And definitely read about Our Lady's apparitions in these past 2000 years, it's mind-boggling!!!
Happy reading!
Deacon John