Monday, April 26, 2010


Padre Lucio Rodrigo

Padre Lucio Rodrigo was consulted by the members of the "Special Commission" (except Dr. Morales), most certainly in the second half of the month of August 1961. Following this encounter with the renowned Spanish theologian, Don Juan Antonio del Val, the future bishop of Santander . . ., resigned from the "Commission."
[Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 100]

Father Rodrigo was a Jesuit and a very holy priest! He firmly believed in the apparitions at Garabandal. He learned the nature of the great Miracle from Conchita, but not when it will happen. He died on March 30, 1973 at the age of 90 from injuries he received from a car accident. Shortly before he died, he received a special grace from God that he had asked for to confirm his belief in the divine origin of the Garabandal events. He is quoted as saying: "If there exists in the world a window through which one can contemplate Heaven, it is Garabandal!"
May he rest in Peace! Amen.
Deacon John