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Lasting Marriages

Bernadette Soubirous in the grotto of Lourdes,...Image via Wikipedia
A recent survey on marriages shows something that perhaps we all know.
Marriage is for love and family relationships. But it seems that the best
marriages and family life include God as its first Member.
Often in the past, visionaries such as Bernadette in Lourdes and Sister Lucia in
Fatima were called to lead their lives as professed religious. In more recent times it appears that many visionaries such as Ivan
in Medjugorje and Conchita in Garabandal
have been called to live in the married state,
even though they had seriously considered a
religious vocation. 

 (2007/05/05 Kyoto, JAPAN)Image via Wikipedia
All ten of the Medjugorje and Garabandal visionaries are
now married and have children.

The survey showed the following:
1) Couples married by a Justice of the Peace
– one out of two marriages break up.

2) Couples married by the Church – one
out of three marriages break up.

3) Couples married by the Church and
attend Church together – one out of 50
marriages break up.

Conchita in bridal gown.

4) Couples married by the Church, attend
Church together, and pray together – one
out of 1,429 marriages break up.
(101 Foundation)

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