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House Of Sanctification in Garabandal

39554 San Sebastian de Garabandal, Rionansa, Cantabria, Spain
Telephone #: (0034) 942-72-70-18 Fax #: (0034) 942-72-71-69

“..that they may all be one, as You, Father, are in Me and I in You,
that they also may be in us, that the world may believe..”
Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with you! 

Blessed are you among women
and blessed is the Fruit of your Womb, Jesus!

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Who are we?
The House of Sanctification (HOS) is
a retreat center built by the ‘John
Paul II Institute of Christian
Spirituality,’ through the generosity of
many souls. The Institute was
founded and Consecrated to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the
Holy Trinity o
n August 15, 1998.

The Institute was founded
because it saw a great need to study
the ‘new and divine’ holiness
realized in certain twentieth century
holy souls, such as St. Maximilian
Maria Kolbe, Saint Faustina
Kowalska, Blessed Dina Belanger,
Venerable Conchita Cabrera de
Armida, plus others who have been
recognized by Holy Mother Church.
Since we have been studying these
privilege souls, we are beginning to
understand more about the unity
God so greatly desires with His
children. It is our privilege now to
disseminate and teach the “’new and
divine’ holiness with which the Holy
Spirit wishes to enrich Christians at
the dawn of the Third Millennium, in
order to make Christ the Heart of the
*(Pope John Paul II in the L’Osservatore Romano, July 9, 1997)

Where are we?
We are in San Sebastian de
Garabandal nestled in the
Cantabrian Mountains in northern
Spain about an hour southwest of
Santander, or 40 minutes south of
San Vicente de la Barquera, located
on the coast. We are the last little
village going up a winding mountain
road, about 2000 feet above sea
level in a most beautiful setting.

Who are allowed to stay here?
You are welcome to stay here if you
are a member of the John Paul II
Institute or if you are interested in
hearing about our spirituality. We
are not a hotel or an inn; we are
strictly a retreat house. We welcome
all Priests and Religious free.

What is our spirituality?
By studying the holy souls chosen by
the Institute we have found that they
describe a union with God more
intimate, perfect, and sublime than
anything seen prior to our times.
This same unity, already realized in
Mary, tends toward and fulfills the
ideal God had for Adam and Eve.
God greatly desires for His children
to return to the original ‘State of
Justice’ for which He created us!

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What is the status of the HOS?
The HOS was consecrated to the
Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the
Divine Will of God on the 4th of April,
2000 during a special pilgrimage to
Garabandal to dedicate the House of
Sanctification. We opened our doors

June 1, 2000, Feast of the
Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ
that year, and received our first
guests on the 15th of June. We have
been kept pretty busy since then.
This house belongs to Mary, our
Mother, and She has busied Herself
with bringing Her children here to
learn a spirituality that She, Herself

We are opened every month of the
year except November through
January. We give group or private
retreats. We are a non-profit
organization, so we exist only on
donations. Most pilgrims donate
$25.00€ a night.
We serve an ‘enhanced’ continental
breakfast, which includes a variety of
breads, cereal, fruits, cheeses,
coffee, tea, and fruit juices. Lunch
and dinner (5.00 - 8.00€) are
provided for in the village, for which
we will be happy to make
reservations for you prior to your
What are our plans for the future?
Our plans include adding new
buildings to house more pilgrims as
we are overflowing already. Souls
are hungry for a closer unity with
their Heavenly Father, and our Good
Lord is ‘waiting with baited breath’ for
souls to come to Him with this
intention. But it is important to
understand how to attain this unity
with your most Benevolent Father.
How can you receive something of
which you have no knowledge?
Some interesting stories!
It has been made clear to us here
that our Mother, Mary, is using the
HOS to help spread the Triumph of
Her Immaculate Heart. Here are a
few stories to show this:

A Priest from India wanted to learn
about the ‘new and divine’ holiness
to take back to his people. He told
me he had 500 souls in his
congregation. He asked me if I had
three particular books on the subject,
which I did not. I prayed, along with
him, that Our Lady would help us.
I was taking a friend to borrow a tent
we had stored so he could go to
Fatima for the Beatification of
Francisco and Jacinta. When I
opened the tent up to take some
things out that had been stored in it,
the exact same three books the
Priest asked me for fell out! I was
amazed and stunned! It thrilled me
to take the books back to this holy
Priest and tell him that they were
definitely a gift from his Heavenly
Mother! This Priest will start
spreading seeds about the ‘new and
divine’ holiness that Our Lady can
use to start transforming the face of

Two young men came to our door
and said that they had heard of us
and was wondering if they could see
the house. Of course! They came in
and told us that they would like to
know more about the ‘new and
divine’ holiness. Since they had not
made reservations anywhere we
invited them to stay at the HOS so
we could talk without interruptions.
They told us they were only going to
stay one night. Well, they ended up
staying three nights and left on
‘cloud 9’ going back to Holland to
spread the ‘good news’ they had
learned at the House of
Sanctification! Seeds our Mother
can use to transform Holland!

Anyone interested in our retreat schedule or to
arrange your own private or group retreat, please
do not hesitate to call or write Ann Ellison at the
information provided on the letter head!