Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 43

After this Message, the situation took an indubitable turn, and the same Message can be glimpsed. Those who are hidden in order to do what the Message says have not done it for the most part. They have not given new marvelous tests without the last two warnings, the “warning” and the “miracle.” When these events happen the bravery of the sacrifices will also happen and will lose importance through the evidence of what will come to us as a result.

Through these methods God will supply what we should attain with our efforts.

Time happens like this until the year 1966 in which the phenomenon of amnesia begins. The girls who have already doubted or negated what they have lived, will do it with greater intensity and suffer these phenomena that result in the greatest confusion and doubt.

We can deduce the causes for these phenomena:

One, that Heaven, in obedience to the desires of the parents of the girls, or of the Bishop, will withdraw their actions until their minds are changed and they need a new occasion for the phenomena.

Another is that our judgment is the truest from the point of view of the reality of the facts, that our Mother in Heaven, in cooperation with the reiterated notes of the Bishop, permits this amnesia in the girls to dispel the marvelous atmosphere created because of them while a time will come when the warning and miracle will be produced. She punishes the lack of attention evident in the Notes and upon hearing what is essential, as Conchita (our main victim) has always said, the Message will come to fruition.

The girls’ doubts have been so intense that by simple deduction we can establish that they are not natural. It is not possible that after a year and a half of continuous ecstasies, with the multitudes of mystical phenomena, perfectly observed, that their memory could be so confused that they would not know if they had had them or invented them. This fact is monstrous, that in so little time, it seems that the origin is mistaken. What is more, if we consider that this amnesia was perfectly announced by the same girls from the first ecstasies, and that Conchita suddenly introduced it.