Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 35

In 1962, in order to reaffirm the faith of the believers, the prodigy of Mr. Damians happened. Following history, we saw that from October 18, 1961 to July of 1962, on the day of Conchita’s miraculous communion, the prodigies, visions, ecstasies, and marches continued in the same rhythm.

The public, certainly, did not do what the message said, without beginning a movement to spread the message, but more to have it known than to do it. Apart from individual reactions not known publicly, they did not organize pentitential acts or visits to the Most Holy. To be perfect according to the spirit of the message and the Bishop of Santander’s notes, they should fulfill the message in the temples and cities they go, those who believe are obligated to do so. Our Mother in Heaven, in Lourdes and Fatima asked for concrete acts where she appeared. Here, through the message, she is asking for a popular movement of devotion to Jesus in the Sacrament in the whole world and to each person in their parish or city.

The public action gives understanding to that which has not fallen in the accounting of the principal, as Conchita has not tired of proclaiming, is to fulfill the message. In contrast, the attention has centered in awaiting the warning and the miracle, so that people will convert almost by force. They do not make sacrifices as has been demanded of us. Of course, this is how we are established, but we certainly work to be established.

The rhymn of the happenings of the four girls, with light variations of intensity lasted until January of 1963. (December 1962).