Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 38

On October 7, 1962, the new bishop of Santander, Dr. Beitia, made the following note public:

“The special Commission that understands the facts that have come from San Sebasti├ín de Garabandal has postponed for us the report, with the 4th of October as the date. The cited Commission ratifies in its previous manifestations, judging the phenomena need signs of a supernatural origin and that they have a natural explanation.

In consequence and as a result of the desire of our diocesan brothers to be informed when they have relation with facts that can be oriented for sure, complimenting our pastoral duty and making use of our faculties: 1. We confirm in all of the parts of the official notes from this bishop of Santander, dated from August 26 to October 24, 1961. 2. We prohibit all priests, diocesan and extradiocesan and all religious from coming to the mentioned place without diocesan approval. 3. We reiterate to all of the faithful the warning that they should abstain from enlarging the atmosphere created by the development of these happenings, and that they should abstain from responding to this place with that motive.

In question of so much gravity, we await the punctual end to these decrees. In Santander, the Feast of the Rosary, October 7, 1962—Bishop Eugenio, Bishop of Santander. Note: Post at all Sunday Masses, October 14, 1962.