Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Two, Post 39

This note, confirmed in the previous parts, has the same point of view, that is, it is not clear about the supernatural origin. It is observed that the Commission affirms a more natural interpretation of the events when it says: “they need all signs of supernatural origin.” Criteria, which, as we see, does not follow the Bishop. He adheres to the view of his predecessor, of sincere waiting and observation.

More severe methods are established for the priests and religious, which suppose the desire for effective control of his assistants. And he does not add anything new about the laity, since they are already disposed.

Dr. Beitia did not underestimate the facts but qualified them with much gravity.

January 1, 1965 arrived and Conchita said that it had been revealed that she would have an ecstasy on June 18th of the same year, in which a new message would be communicated. She announced this to all those who asked her, letting the notice spread through the whole world.

Before entering into an examination of the second message, we should note for the best comprehension that two of Conchita’s announcements referred to a warning, as she said, and a miracle. She knew about these through locutions.

In order that the people would react, and in view that it seemed imposible, Providence permitted a phenomenon, possibly of cosmic proportions, to cause a great tremor in humanity and by special permission from God, we will confront the state of our consciences. This will be the warning.

The miracle will happen, according to Conchita, in Garabandal. There will be conversions, healings, and a permanent witness of a mysterious kind will confirm all that happens, so that all who do not attend will be able to prove it afterward.

The date of the warning is unknown, but Conchita, the Bishop, and the Pope know the date of the Miracle, as does the congregation of the Holy Office. Conchita declared it in Rome before this Vatican organization.

With this note made, we are at the date of the announced ecstasy, June 18, 1965. It was produced, and I was an eyewitness.