Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part One, Post 8


Regarding the pain, the anesthesia is complete in the trances. They have made tests from the beginning. For example, pricking the girls, pinching them, and lifting them from the ground then letting them fall. They have not complained of any pain at all.

Many people have seen the girls hit their knees hard when they fall and they have always observed that they show no feeling of pain. I have seen them stay on their knees for over an hour on many occasions without complaining of exhaustion or pain. I have witnessed how they fall on their knees many times, including from one or two stairs high, and they do not show the slightest sign of pain. The most spectacular thing in this sense was when MarĂ­a Dolores was on her knees one night and fell forwards, hitting her neck very hard against the edge of the stairs. It made a very loud noise, and her head resisted; the girl ended up sitting on the floor. An exclamation went through everyone who was there, and there was fear in their faces. The girl laughed once she was sitting on the floor and she continued talking about an object with the vision as she had been doing before the fall. When she turned, you could see a bump on her head, where it had been hit. I asked the girl if she was in pain. She didn’t understand what I was alluding to. When I explained what had happened, she told me that there was a moment in which she’d felt a cramp that went through her whole body, and it must have happened then.


The girls have cried while in a trance. Sometimes they were silent tears and other times they were sobs. At the same time they added words like: “How sad, etc.”

We saw them smile or laugh more frequently. One time we saw one of them yawn. With respect to the reflections in their pupils and corneas, we didn’t see anything, since they appeared almost deadened.

Entrance and Exit of the Trance

The entrance into the trance is instantaneous. They stay with their heads placed like they are nailed to something initially, absorbed in the normal words in order to live in a different reality. The return to normality is also instantaneous and is preceded by saying goodbye to the person with whom they are communicating.


During the trance we observe an embellishment in their faces that is of a very sensitive style.