Friday, December 28, 2007

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part One, Post 11

“Conchita didn’t move her arms on her own. She was in the position described before for a long time; after that, her arms were down and rigid. In order to change posture, they had to ask for Lolita’s help several times; she was at their side: ‘Cross my arms—you crossed them backwards—put them like they were before.’ This ‘like before’ was a position analogous to that of a priest during the majority of mass. Lolita, without looking and with extraordinary ease, put their arms in the desired position. They seemed rigid and she posed them like dolls, by hitting them with her hand, and after that they stayed completely fixed in the same position.”

Note: Days before this we observed a phenomenon in which the girls, while in a trance, were only sensible of their fellow seers, even though they weren’t in trance. This sensibility extended to questions referred to them, even mental questions, and to changing the position of their arms, etc. They seemed rigid to the rest of the people.

In this narration it seems that there is an allusion to one of the seers in a trance who called to another, who was also in the trance, so that she would change the position of her hands.

“In those postures, more or less invariable, but always on their knees (except Jacinta who on one or two occasions was as we have described), staying there for an hour and twenty-five minutes. The one who wrote this, although he was almost sitting, needed to change his posture at least twice in this same amount of time. Upon finishing the trance, they prayed the rosary without moving from the place or giving any sign of fatigue. The ground of the road was full of rocks as roads are in mountain villages; with natural rocks, that are well-traveled (that have unequal surfaces that cause the inexperienced to trip). Mari Cruz had a wedge of rock about 5 centimeters wide under her left knee. Towards the end of the apparition, the girls made a visor with their hands, as though they were contemplating something that was becoming brighter and brighter.

Note: The manner in which the girls say that the Vision disappears is “as though she dissolved.”

“They made gestures of goodbye by opening and closing their hands, lifting them forward. In this moment they also gave kisses in the air repeatedly. There were various endeavors of saying goodbye: “Stay a little longer”—“Only half a minute has passed”—“It hasn’t been half a minute.”

Several times it seemed like they were arguing with the Vision: “An hour already?—No!—half a minute—an hour and fifteen minutes?—no, half a minute—but it has to be an hour and fifteen minutes because the Virgin can’t lie.” On these occasions the priests next to them went forward to say the time that had passed in a low voice even though they couldn’t be heard. When a little after this, they began to affirm that it had only been half a minute, no one said anything about the time that had passed—Conchita said: “An hour and twenty-five minutes?” This was exactly the amount of time that the trance had lasted. “Almost an hour and a half,” Conchita added.