Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part One, Post 3

June 19-20, 1961

I have a summary from these days that includes the sentences that appeared in the paper that Ceferino, María Dolores’ father, wrote:

June 19th—There was no vision.

June 20th—They didn’t go.

These two days correspond to Monday and Tuesday. These two days are when the news that the girls had allegedly seen the Angel reached the girls.

In Fr. Luís’s 2nd notebook, Fr. Valentín said this:

“On Tuesday I went up and saw them while in a vision. I went to where the Bishop was; he told me to go up and control the situation a little.”

It’s not clear if Fr. Valentín saw them while they had the vision on the same Tuesday that he went up, or whether he saw them on Wednesday.

Mrs. Fania is one of the first to understand this. The sentence: “Are you of the Angel?” spread through the village, with which they wanted to express whether people took the girls seriously. Little by little the places where the apparitions took place extended including people who came from far away because of their curiosity about the girls when they were in a trance.

June 21, 1961

The sentence that appears on Ceferino’s paper is this one: “June 21st—Vision—Luminous Cuadro.”

In these first days the Vision stayed silent. His communication with the seers happened through images. The news that I’ve gathered about the “luminous cuadro” is very imprecise;” the girls don’t talk about it, nor does Fr. Valentín.

It has to do with red light or fire that forms a square inside of which there is a triangle, an eye, and a sign. The letters are unfamiliar and in the eastern or Arabic style. Fr. Valentín told me that he tried to reproduce them and told another priest the correct letters and sentences. The translation was: “I need you in October.” I repeat that the news I have about this luminous cuadro was very imprecise and that I am limited to reviewing the various conversations that I have obtained, without any guarantee. What seems clear is that they had a vision that day and that they saw it for the first time in the cuadro.