Saturday, November 21, 2015

Garabandal’s Priest denies any Restrictions by Aviso

From Bastiano :
Being currently in Garabandal, I wanted to meet Father Rolando after the broadcast of an alleged article from the Bishop of Santander about Garabandal apparitions with its procession prohibited.
Questioning Father  Rolando about it in the sacristy of the church of Garabandal, below in summary, his answers to my questions  :
  1. 1. What has been circulated in the Cantabrian newspaper does not come from the Bishop, those are the allegations of the journalist only
  2. No prohibition in Garabandal, pilgrimages can still take place, and accompanying priests can celebrate the Mass in the Church as before and after informing Father Rolando like always
  3.The apparitions are still under the following statement: No Constat de Supernaturalite.
My Comment : Good news from Bastiano who is currently in Garabandal and also a member of the Piligrims Garabandal Center, these news détails from the Garabandal Priest himself totaly refutes the shameful allegations from this Journalist in question of the Cantabrian Newspaper, so let's Pray also for him, thank you.

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