Wednesday, November 18, 2015

From Glenn Hudson via Facebook: Update News on Garabandal Restrictions

I have received this email regarding the article posted last week.
Dear Brothers in the Faith:
Given the many questions that have recently come to the Center through various means regarding the veracity of the articles recently published in the newspaper, "El Diario Montañés," that have direct or indirect reference to the events of Garabandal, we see the need to clarify the following:
1. No official document of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santander has imposed new restrictions.
2. The letter dated June 24, 2015 written by Bishop Manuel Sánchez Monge referred to in the newspaper article contains the same information from a letter written by Bishop José Vilaplana Blasco dated November 7, 2001.
3. We have no evidence the journalist wrote those words on behalf of the diocese or the pastor are true.
4. There is no new official letter from Bishop Manuel Sánchez Monge making any changes at all with what was previously written.
5. Within published articles, many faults or assertions of truth can occur and these can lead to confusion.
We believe, at this time, it is better not to dwell on these issues and not enter into discussions that lead nowhere. We try to be good Christians, follow the Gospel and fulfill the messages given to us by the Blessed Virgin.
Prayers in Union,
Jose Sanchez
Pilgrim Center San Sebastian de Garabandal

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