Monday, March 10, 2014

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 70

Madrid, February 1, 1962

My dear Fr. Andreu:
Since you saw us in Garabandal on August 14th, I have been anxious for news of you. I have followed the events closely. I am anxious to see you here to better understand the facts. I have read the reports that the Marquis and Marquesa of Santa María with great emotion. I saw that they were very prudently noted and given. It is an accumulation of things. It is very difficult to withdraw from these phenomena in the field of the supernatural.

Lucio Rodrigo, S.J.
Facultad de Derecho Canonigo
Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
Alberto Aguilera 23
Madrid (15)—teléfono 248-36-00

The Marquis and Marquesa have visited me twice and given me interesting details, and yesterday they told me about their return to Garabandal on the 27th of last month. They brought me my rosary, which had been kissed twice by the Vision, offered to Mari Loli once, and presented to Conchita another time. I am so happy with it and I give thanks to God. Although it was all an illusion, it is too difficult when looking at things, but I am grateful to the Lord because this illusion had increased my confidence and my love for the Most Holy Virgin. In everything, the illusions serve to bring us to God, and becoming closer to God is always the work of his grace. Finally, I don’t want to be distracted from everything that happened to me on this occasion. We hope that we will arrive in a place full of light for all. I entrust myself to you.

I sign in God,
Lucio Rodrigo, S.J.