Friday, June 21, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 41

Report by Mr. Antonio Nistal Betia, November 4, 1961.

“At ten forty at night, in the moment in which Pilar was giving her a cookie, Loli entered into ecstasy.

She was still for a moment in the chair where she was sitting with an ineffable smile.

Suddenly she went up the stairs to the second floor and took a crucifix, which was on top of a table. With the crucifix in her right hand, and the cookie in her left hand, she gave the crucifix for those present to kiss (the family and two married couples we didn’t know).

Later, she descended the stairs. At that moment, her uncle, who she blessed with the crucifix, entered and she blessed him and gave it to him to kiss.

A few moments later, she ascended the stairs again and walked backwards and went toward the table again. She took a medal from it and offered it to the Virgin to kiss, with the smile that never left her face. Pilar, seeing this, removed the medal she was wearing and put it on the table.

The girl took it, presented it to the Virgin to kiss, and then returned it to Pilar.
I, Antonio, seeing this, took a memento from Fr. Luís María Andreu out of my wallet and put it between the knuckles of the fingers on my right hand, with which I held the crucifix. It was 10:45 P.M. I tried to withdraw again to try to touch it and when I proved that it was like this, I left it.

She moved her hand and, accentuating her smile, said clearly: “It is Fr. Andreu.” She raised her hand once or twice more and when she dropped it, it was normal and she put it in her back pocket; she had her left hand in her jacket.

She returned to Pilar and blessed her, as she had blessed her uncle. She knelt and then turned backwards until she was on the floor. She moved up until she was sitting and she descended the stairs again in that position. On the ground floor, she gave the crucifix to be kissed again, and sat in the same chair she had occupied at the beginning of the trance and began to bless herself badly (still smiling). She repeated it again, and always badly. She was heard saying: “When do I do it well.” “I don’t know, I don’t know.” “Now, yes.” “No, no?”

She continued making the first two crosses well (over her forehead and mouth). When she made the third over her chest, she smiled more and did it badly. She continued like this for some time. I heard her say: “Well, now I do it well.” Effectively, she blessed herself and made the sign of the cross correctly then returned to the normal state.

Talking later, she assured us that she did not remember standing up from the chair, and that, without moving, she was following the Virgin.