Friday, June 7, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 39

On the 18th, at night, three of the girls announced that they were not going to see the Virgin for a few days, according to what the Virgin said. The fourth girl was going to have visions.
On the 19th, none of the girls had visions.

On the 20th, only one of them had a vision, as was predicted. It was like that for a few days, in which only one of the girls had a vision, until Wednesday, the 25th, when “Jacinta left the Rosary (I’m citing the integral paragraph) and fell into ecstasy for approximately an hour; she went to the calleja and prayed for the sinners and for peace in the world. She said: “They don’t believe us anymore, did you know? So you have to perform a very large miracle, so that they will believe again.” The vision said that she should go to that same place to pray on other days.

Things have a new rhythm that has grown with the trances. The visions on Thursday and Friday were at different times.
Once again, they ascend curious and descend impressed. It is like a second wave that it reborn in the vicinity of San Sebasti├ín de Garabandal. In a conversation in Puentenansa one person said that they had believed in what was going on with the girls, that they stopped believing on the 19th, and now they believe again. Note—This matter torments a large number of people from provinces near this place, among whom say that this is absurd news.