Friday, June 14, 2013

Fr. Ramon Andreu's Notes: Part Three, Post 40

The situation of these phenomena is between two extremes:

1st—It is a natural phenomena triggered by self-persuasion through a relaxed process.

2nd—It is a supernatural phenomenon.
Omitting that one of these two solutions has the most probability of being true, it is possible to anticipate the following:

1st—For a natural solution, we don’t know how long these phenomena will last, since surprises occur in the length of the visions and the girls’ health, as well as in the normal state.

2nd— If everything is in supernatural terrain, then it seems that these phenomena have been rather prolonged. The girls have heard the Virgin many times, in alluding to the fact that many do not believe, smile while saying: “They will believe.”

The girls themselves have announced that they have to communicate two new messages, one per year, even though the girls still do not know them.

A sentence that circulates around the village is that God doesn’t send things anonymously, but he has found in this village a response, the sentence that the ordinary is signed at the end, although its precedence can be distinguished by the letter.