Saturday, October 6, 2012

Melillo's Lost Day on our way to Lourdes.


To Lourdes France
After a quite drive out of Garabandal we got back to normal still reflecting on that great visit.  There is a picture of a house “fixer upper” that Sue wants to buy and move to.  It’s been vacant for 6 years, they probably wouldn’t sell it, especially when the Prophecies come true, it will be prime Real Estate.
We had planned 2 stops this day on our way to Lourdes.  We added 1 we didn’t want to.  The airport at Santander and Hertz rent a car.  I was going to give it one last try.  I got in the terminal and a plane had just landed and there were 20 people in line.  I decided that I would call from around the corner and see what they had to say, I wasn’t giving up the car.  They didn’t answer the phone so I made my descision to move on and try to figure it out in France. 
With the delay of leaving Garabandal and the airport run we decided to skip Limpias, Spain, since we had been there 3 times before, so we headed to Azpeita and the home of St. Ignatius. That didn’t happen because of road construction and heavy traffic at times.  If we stopped we would have not gotten to Lourdes until 8 pm and I realizied how tired I was.  Not only did I realize it but the car told me in a warning “drowse alert stop now” and had a picture of a coffee cup on the screen.  LOL With only 50 miles left to Lourdes I was afraid to stop fearing I would have to sleep in the car instead of the wonderful beds that I knew awaited us at our Hotel, we have stayed  at 3 times. 

We got a parking place right in front and unloaded ALL the luggage.  2 of the suitcase we only opened in the car to get some extra clothing.  It was time to re-organize and re-load our daily bags. (1 bag is now the dirty laundry bag) Plus we had to write the Garabandal trip report and download photos.
The hours rapidly pasted and we were exhausted, plus we hadn’t eaten since bread-fast.  We didn’t care we went to bed and fell into a glorious sleep for almost 10 hours.  We will send the story of Lourdes and Betharrem later today or in the morning.  This will be a busy day! At least  15 hours on the go.
From an excerpt we received in an e-mail from Joan Lawlor with an intention. She was our only reason that we were upset we didn’t get  to St. Ignatius. But we will try for Manresa, Spain where St. Ignatius is buried.
St. Therese “ Oh! If people could understand beforehand the sweetness and the peace enjoyed by those who would hold nothing back from the Good God. How He communicates Himself to the soul who sincerely seeks him and who knows how to surrender themselves.  Let them just experience it, and they will see that therein is found the true happiness which they are vainly seeking elsewhere.

Bon Jour and God Bless

Tom and Susan
 We are sending you the story of Limpias and the Miraculous Cross of Christ if you haven't heard about it.  It's great reading.