Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Garabandal's Time Bombs


by Father Richard Foley, S.J. 

Three time-bombs have been ticking away non-stop in Garabandal ever since 1961. They are time-bombs of a very special and sacred kind, for they belong to the supernatural world of prophecy; that is to say, they focus our gaze on divine events still hidden in the future. We have been told about these three events by the Queen of Prophets Herself; they are commonly referred to as:
1) the Warning, (which everyone will 
experience at the same time);
2) the Miracle, (the greatest of all time);
3) the Chastisement, (conditional).

Predicted Some 37 Years Ago

So for over 30 years now, this trio of prophetic time-bombs have been ticking away, steadily and unstoppably, in the sleepy little mountain village. Each passing second brings them closer to their respective terms when they will detonate with awesome results for all the world to see and hear.

The Warning

The first of these time-bombs is the Warning. Of it we can say that never, since the Incarnation Itself, will the God of Providence have intervened so dramatically in the human story. Our Lady of Mount Carmcl of Garabandal assures us that the Warning will bring to every single person alive on earth at the time, a truly prodigious gift from heaven, a mega-grace.


Illumination of Conscience

It will take the form of a brilliant illumination of conscience; this will enable us to see our sinful selves as we truly are in God's sight, and to reform accordingly. For all, without exception, that experience will be a moment of truth, and doubtless something of a salutary shock as well.
On beholding in the divine light that shadowy sin-scape within our inner selves, we are bound to feel, as
never before, the most heartfelt contrition together with an abhorrence of sin and a fervent commitment to its avoidance in future.
Clearly, the Warning time-bomb is calculated to produce a holiness explosion on a scale nothing less than global. It will even amount to some­thing approaching a planetary Pentecost. Every single one of the 4 billion-plus human beings living at the time will receive from the Spirit of God a super-grace coming as a fall-out from that worldwide explosion of Diving Mercy.

How Will Mankind React?

But how, we may wonder, will man­kind at large react to the Warning? Un­doubtedly some people will be hard­hearted and cynical enough to resist that gem of a grace. We can further assume that your more arrogant resistors will even attempt to rationalize and rubbish the whole Warning scenario in terms of collective hallucination or pan-fantasy or pseudo-conscientization or the like. You can be sure that psychological jargon will be enriched with some bizarre neologisms.

A "Road to Damascus" Experience

But for the majority of people, the Warning will surely, and in various ways, prove to be the equivalent of a "Road to Damascus experience." That is, those in a state of grace will be spurred by the Warning's mighty inspiration to reach for the heights of holiness, while prodigals not in God's friendship at the time, will be powerfully drawn back to their Father's House.
Indeed, we can confidently expect a large-scale return to God and His Kingdom. Churches will be full as never before. Priests are likely to be heavily in demand for confession and counselling. And, please God, many of those prelates, priests and lay-people who sin so grievously against the virtue of faith by dissenting from Catholic doctrine, will submit humbly and fully to the Church's teaching authority.

The Great Miracle

Now we consider the second time-bomb ticking away second by second in Garabandal, the Great Miracle. It will 
take place, the visionaries tell us, within twelve months of the Warning. In mathematical terms this could mean anything from one to 364 days.


In Garabandal, Spain

What we further know about the Miracle is that it will take place in Garabandal itself at 8:30 p.m., on a Thursday, falling between the 8th and 16th of March, April, or May. Moreover, the date will coincide not only with the Feast of a Eucharistic martyr, but also with an important event in the Church.
What form will the Miracle take? We really have no idea beyond that it is bound to be absoluiely stunning, going on Conchita's statement (she was quoting Our Blessed Lady) that it will be Our Lord's greatest miracle for mankind. We may reasonably conjecture, however, that somehow it will feature both the Eucharistic Jesus and Mary, the joint principals, so to call them, in the Garabandal drama. Saint Michael the Archangel, too, played a big auxiliary part therein, and could therefore be in­cluded alongside the principals in the tableau.

A Spiritual Explosion

Anyhow, this particular time-bomb, which for sheer spectacle, let alone its effects, will out-miracle by far its Fatima counterpart of October 1917, is designed to produce a spiritual explosion of unimaginable proportions the whole world over. It will act on multi-millions of human beings as a sensational and virtually irresistible sign of God's presence and power, a sacrament of His compassion and loving kindness.
Though only those within sight of the Garabandal Pines at the time will actually witness the Great Miracle, it will be captured on numerous TV cameras and flashed across myriad screens in every Continent on earth. We can safely assume that initially most of the major TV networks throughout the world will even risk looking a little sheepish by sending crews lo Garabandal "just in case there could be something after all in the crazy prophecy put out by a certain young girl, now a housewife in New York, Conchita Gonzalez Keena."
Thanks, therefore, 10 modern instant global communicalions, Our Blessed 
Lady's assurance that the Miracle will convert Russia, takes on a very concrete and realistic significance. So does Our Lady's enlargement on her prediction, which She made in a subsequent locution to Conchita: the Miracle, She said, would help to convert the entire world.
Our faith stands to be powerfully reinforced by the Miracle, especially as regards one of the key elements in the Garabandal message: Jesus in His Eucharistic mysteries. Similarly our love for His Mother will be deepened, while our prayer-life generally is certain to receive the tonic of a life-time.

The Sick Will Be Healed

Another factor specifically stated by Our Lady with regard to the Miracle is that the sick who are present to witness it, will receive healing. We must be very generous, therefore, in planning ahead and doing everything feasible to get any sick relatives or friends to Garabandal for that wonderful day of days.

The Sign

Connected with the Miracle prophecy, and due to follow in its immediate wake, a further prodigy has been promised. We refer to it as the Sign. It will appear above the Garabandal pine-grove and re­main there perpetually and indestructibly in testimony to the apparitions and as a striking statement of God's power and redeeming love.

Pillar of Cloud by Day, And of Fire by Night

Nothing is known about the nature of the Sign. One extremely interesting guess is that it will be a sort of pillar of cloud by day, and of fire by night. If so, this would have a magnetic drawing-power for the people of Israel in particular. Let us never forget that no less an authority than St. Paul prophesied their eventual conversion to the Christian faith before the end of the world.
Now to return to the Miracle. We shall learn when it is due thanks to Our Blessed Lady's arrangement with Conchita, who alone knows the details; she will publicly announce them eight days in advance. Most people intending to go to Garabandal for the occasion 
will obviously need every precious minute within those eight days to make one hundred and one preparations regarding domestic arrangements, travel, bookings, etc.
To help in this direction, here is an important practical point relative to Conchita's announcement. As we know, the Mother of God made her prophecy in Garabandal itself, the future site of the great event. Moreover, the Miracle will take place there on that golden Thursday at 8:30 p.m., according to Spanish time.
But Conchita now lives in New York, which is six hours behind Spanish lime. So if she calculates the eight days as starting from midnight in New York (which will already be six o'clock the following morning in Europe) she will unfairly deprive the Spaniards and other Europeans of six precious hours for preparation.
On the other hand, if Conchita bases her eight-day calculation on European time and accordingly makes her an­nouncement in New York just after six o'clock the preceding evening (that is, just after midnight in Spain) this would benefit Americans by six precious hours, and even more as one travels west into later time zones. This arrangement would have the further advantage that the 6 p.m. announcement in New York will catch the major news media that same evening, thus providing everybody with a head start in getting ready for the Garabandal trip.
When asked about this, Conchita unhesitatingly stated that she will make the eight day announcement for the Miracle according to New York (Eastern Standard) time, reasoning, no doubt, that she should make the announcement ac­cording to the time where she is.


The Chastisement

Now, finally consider the third of the time-bombs ticking away the fateful seconds in Garabandal. It is called the Chastisement. Its function will be to punish our sinful, ungrateful world if it responds inadequately to the graces flow­ing from the Warning and the Miracle.
So this prophetic time-bomb has the equivalent of a switch-off device structured into its mechanism. In other words, the Chastisement is conditional upon how well or badly the human race receives and acts upon the two 
gigantic grace-explosions that preceded it, the Warning and the Miracle.


Conchita and her fellow visionaries were actually given a glimpse of the chas­tisement (if in the event it does come) and were stricken with horror. Words failed them afterwards to describe the extent and degree of punishment that God will visit upon our world if it persists in its sinfulness and gross ingratitude.
The Chastisement scenario happens to chime in with what Our Lady said warningly in Fatima and Akita. Please God, sufficient prayers and sacrifices on our part will avail to stay the hand of Divine Justice, and will persuade that same hand to switch off the third and unthinkable time-bomb.

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